Risk Warning

The risk of getting foreign exchange, CFD trading, commodities futures are significant and are associated or correlated with high level of leverages. These modules are high risk and not suitable for everyone. Trading foreign exchange carries a margin of high level of and may not be suitable for many investors. Visitor should carefully contemplate the investment objectives.

This risk warning notice (the “Risk Warning”) cannot and does not disclose all of the risks of trading in foreign exchange. The purpose of this notice is to describe the major risks of trading forex and CFDs.Visitor should not engage in forex or CFD trading unless you understand basic details of such trading and its risks. Visitors should be aware of all the risks regarding foreign exchange and should seek advices from them professional investors or advicers for any doubts.

To open a leveraged CFD or forex trade you will need to deposit money with a margin. Margin is typically a relatively small proportion of the overall contract value. For example a contract trading on leverage of 100:1 will require margin of just 1% of the contract value. This means that a small price movement in the underlying will result in large movement in the value of your trade – this can work in your favour, or result in substantial losses.

Your may lose your initial deposit and be required to deposit additional margin in order to maintain your position. If you fail to meet any margin requirement your position will be liquidated and you will be responsible for any resulting losses.

Any opinions, news, researches, articles, analysis, prices or other information on this website may or may not compose advice. Affwl.LLP will not accept liability for any loss or damage and to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or fully relying on such information. No decisions should be made on investment without thoroughly reading the disclosure document of brokers in which you have interest.

The contents or the articles on this website has taken severe measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website. Although, Affwl.LLP does not guarantee for the information posted on the website and are not liable for any damage or losses which will arise directly or indirectly from the content. Affwl.LLP are not linked with any third-party, links provided on the site is only for the visitor convenience. Such sites are not within our control or managed by us.Affwl.LLP neither endorses nor guarantees offerings or schemes of the third party providers, nor is Affwl.LLP liable for the security, content or availability of third-party sites, their partners or advertisers.

All the previous results does not guarantee for the future success. Similarly, previous results does not indicate for a successive future. Visitors are suggested to take decisions on any trading practices solely by inspecting their previous performances, relying on their own examination of the person who takes trading decisions including with fact of high risks.

The content on the websites is subjected to change at any time with or without notice and the visitors are strongly recommended to makeindependent decisions on trading practices. There are great possibilities of high risk with a scheme of high rewards. Similarly with conjecture on high return on investment also matters with high risks. Do not invest money on foreign exchanges, CFD tradings, commodites, indices, options CFD’s, commodities futures etc. if you do not afford to lose it.