Privacy Policy

About The Company:
The Affiliate and Whitelabel Company has “Jurisdiction in United Kingdom and its Domain is in Belgrade, Serbia”. The main aspiration of Affiliate and Whitelabel is to create a great marketplace for their customers, with rich and high content marketing.

Before heading to the Privacy policy of company make a glance to the Modules which the website provides:-
Affiliate and Whitelabel has great and unique content marketing for their users. Our company does not own any contents from any other sites.

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  • Affiliate and Whitelabel provide you with wide category in adult section.
  • In adult category we do not involve any hardcore porn but some adult toys, live cams etc.
  • Additional personal information may be collected for the marketing purposes in the adult category.
  • Besides from personal information, sensitive information of the user such as sexual preferences, not asking for another card ethnicity and religion will be taken from the user.
  • Our company provides wide category for dating section.
  • With our preferences our team will guide you with great dating sites.
  • By using our Website, providing your information with us in any format and subscribing to our website concludes that you are agreed with our privacy policy.

    Affiliate and Whitelabel are very intellectual and serious for your private information. Please understand and read our privacy policy very carefully. The privacy policy covers only Affiliate and Whitelabel Website.

    What does this privacy policy covers?
  • Affiliate and Whitelabel will collect users personal information i.e. E-mail address, login Id and password, if user/customer subscribes to our website.
  • Our company only owns personal information for registered user and non-personal information of unregistered user on our Affiliate and Whitelabel Network of website. The Information is collected during registration for the website.
  • Affiliate and White labels policy is not applicable for practices of other companies which affiliate and white labels does not control or manages it.
  • Personal information is “personal” information for us which is used for the identification i.e. E-mail Id, Log Id and will not be publically issued anywhere outside the Affiliate and Whitelabel.
    What information is collected by our Privacy Policy?
  • Personal Information for subscribed/registered user is collected by us that is already mentioned, information such as user’s E-mail address, login Id and password will be stored in our database.
  • Also we may collect specific type of network information from the users i.e. if user uses website through any device thene.g. UDID MAC Addressetc. is collected.
  • For non-registered users the information we collect their IP address, geo-location, web request, browser type, browser language, viewed/visited web pages, if the user is using website through mobile or any other device. As mentioned above, network information of the non-registered are also collected by us.
  • Non-personal information is also treated as personal information for us.
    Purpose of collecting information.
  • The focus for collecting user’s information is to provide users with great flexibility to use the website. By subscribing our website with newsletter user needs to be registered and to be logged in. The information used collected are outlined above.
  • To enhance the users experience to Affiliate and Whitelabel site and to ensure that users have great visibility to displayed content on our site.
  • Also to give you the only relevant content that you are looking for.
  • Affiliate and White label uses the information to enhance our own customized content for the users e.g. if user is visiting a specific page constantly, our website will automatically store cookie (cookie policy is further scrutinized on the page) of the page for the user. Next time again the user does need to search for the page.
  • Our websites have installed software’s which automatically stores the user’s practices, for which we make sure that user’s get the most relevant content.
  • We also collect information about log files, user activity, time stamps, alerts (e.g. most pages viewed, amount of time spent on the particular page, actions, clicks) etc. For any trouble-shooting errors and bugs as well for the analytics researches for our websites.
  • The information is collected and sustained by us to make it secure from getting disclose to the outside malwares and hacks or for any reason, also to audit and statically track usages, to audit our affiliates etc. Our team are very dedicated and works hard for every security aspects.
    Cookie Policy and Web Beacon
  • A cookie is small amount of data generated that is put on your hard disk and saved by web browser. (More technically, it is information for future use that is stored by the server on the client side of a client/server communication.)
  • Cookie records the preferences and practices when using our website. So you get relevant content that you have been looking for and compile the statistical data on your use of websites.
  • Cookies cannot harm your device as they are non-executable and are not used to install malware.
  • They also store basic information of your preferences to so and keeps on updating at every visit to website and shows you the content of your interest, making communication with you and us with brisk and ease.
  • You can manage your cookies upon your preferences by navigating to the browser’s settings in the menu bar of the browser.
  • Managing cookies allows you to make it turn on or off, which in case if it is turned off, it prevents your browser to accept new cookies and to notify you when you receive a new cookie.
  • We recommend it to be turned on because cookies allow you to navigate through websites more easily.
    Web Beacon
  • Affiliate and White label uses the software technology known as Web Beacon, is a small piece of code or small gif/image to monitor the activity of the user.
  • Our website uses web beacon to count and identify the users travelling to our servers, gathering the statistics and managing cookies of users on servers separately, we use web beacon to keep them all together.
    To whom the information is shared?
  • Affiliate and White label does not own any tie-up with third party.
  • Talking about personal information, we share your information only with our authenticated employers.
  • We assure you that your information is not shared outside Affiliate and White label.
  • We may share the information with in future scenarios if we are engaged with any third party.
    Confidentiality and Security policy
  • Affiliate and White label uses standardise technique for the security and confidentiality purpose.
  • We ensure that your information will be at-most confidential on our website.
  • The data or the server in which your data is stored is includes necessary provision for accidental destruction, unauthorized access and for any uncertain events.
  • However we cannot guarantee for security of information if it might be unknown access, destroyed, deleted or modified and we accentuate that you share your information at your will or risk.
  • Users have the right to change their information at anytime, you can contact the customer support for the modification or you can send request mail to company email address for the modification of information. Same implies if the user wants to unsubscribe from website or its newsletter. Company cannot guarantee for your information i.e. as mentioned in the security and confidentiality, same implies if we are engaged with any third party in future.

    We may not have control over sharing information if legal notice for any authorities. Affiliate and White label will not sustain any causes for any inappropriate usage of website and will be blocked or necessary action can be taken. Children’s underage according to their country policy are strictly prohibited for subscribing the website as it contains adult categories.

    Updates and Notification of privacy policy
  • Affiliate and White label can/may change the policy anytime.
  • Our team will notify or update you for the changes in the privacy policy.
  • We suggest you to read updated privacy policy to avoid any unwanted consequences.
    Questions, Suggestion and Help
  • If you any questions, suggestions or need any help regarding to our website and contents do not hesitate for it.
  • You can query us with by sending mail to us or by contacting our customer support on [email protected]