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How does forex trading system work ?

A technique of scrutinizing and trading a currency pair, based on indications and clues, for a specific time and at a particular price, with the expectation to earn returns, is technically termed as "Forex System Trading."

There can be two types of basic systems for Forex Trading :

  • Manual System
  • Automated System

Hand operated or Manual System:

The system of Hand operation is a technique wherein, technically a broker or an investor, conclude whether to purchase or sell, using an electronic device like a computer.

Electronic or Automated System:

An automated system is a technique through which a dealer guides the installed software, whether to buy or sell, based on clues and indications, which remove the hurdles of non-physical, rational and cognitive decisions that often lead to poor judgment.Also, it is important to note that these systems are not completely reliable, but can help traders, dealers, and investors, only as guiding tools.Huge money is making companies keep the secret of earning high returns confidential and unrevealed.

Forex Trading Signals/Indications :

  • Forex Trading Signal is a set of evaluations that a Forex dealer uses to decide whether to do trading of a currency pair at any particular time-period.
  • Traders modify these signals, buy them online and are many times available for free.
  • "Specialised Analysis" or "Graphical presentation" or "Broadcasted event" are the base for Forex Trading Signals.
  • These Indications or Signals are the parameters showing the valuation of equity, illustrating to execute a decision in real time, for equity.
  • A dealer uses a mass of signals and study together to make the final decision of purchase or sell.
  • The Internet is useful for buying "Manual" as well as "Automated" systems.
  • Money making firms always keep their signals confidential.

What is "Leverage" ?

  • The financial benefit available to the investor because of the fluctuations of prices in the market, is termed as, "Leverage."
  • The dealer dealing on behalf of his or her investor lends this money.
  • Leverage is an amount that an investor could earn as maximum possible returns.
  • Investing "Huge capital" shows you even the "Smallest Price Change of currencies in "Large Differences of overall Profits or Losses."

What is "Margin Account" ?

  • To initiate Forex Trading the investor needs to open a "Margin Account" with the dealer. The margin is the money borrowed by the trader from his broker or through any exchange, for trading. The margin is the finance accessible by the trader.

What should be the "Range" of Leverage ?

  • Usually, 50:1 or 100:1 is the range of leverage provided for the trade.
  • It can also be 200:1 for positions of $50,000 or lesser.

Forex Trading Hours :

Trading session according to EST(Eastern Standard Time)

Region City Open(EST) Close(EST)
Europe London 3:00am 12:00noon
Frankfurt 2:00am 11:00am
America New York 8:00am 5:00pm
Chicago 9:00am 6:00pm
Asia Tokyo 7:00pm 4:00am
Hong Kong 8:00pm 5:00am
Pacific Sydney 5:00pm 2:00am
Wellington 5:00pm 1:00am
  • Forex Trading Market works by 24 hours a day, five days a week (excluding weekends).
  • Sunday 10 pm (GMT) Sydney- Friday 10 pm (GMT) New York.
Overlapping of the trading period in various countries of the world is best trading period.

What is the meaning of Forex Trading Platform ?

  1. An Online Trading Source is a software program that helps us to buy or sell financial products like Stocks (Equity or shares) and Debts (Bonds and Mortgage) with the help of financial brokers, money makers, investment banks and stock exchange[1] agencies.
  2. This platform removes the limitations of trading on the phone, trading by out crying bids of products, and similar trading methods.
  3. Technically Forex Trading Platform allows investors and trading firms to trade and deal online directly, for purchase or sale of the products.
  4. It also allows making the decision for trade through specific financial analysis based on future predictions of prices to fall or rise.

Types of Forex Trading Platforms :

By "Format" :

By Programming Language:


Which is the "Best" Forex Trading Platform?

Steps to connect-
  1. Link your market data using SuperWebSocket Data server
  2. Incorporate your brokerage API
  3. Link your database
  4. Install website to your server
  5. And the task of installation is done.


Forex Trading Robots

Important Terminologies:

Who is an "Introducing Broker"?

A broker who in direct relationship with his or her client, but appoints another individual merchant or a firm for the work of floor operation and trading purposes are known as an "introducing broker".

What is the meaning of "Futures"?

"Futures" and "Options" are financial commodities or derivatives or financial instruments of Forex Trading Market. ‘Underlying' derives the value of futures. This underlying can be the value of gold, stocks of a company, currency of a country, etc. You can trade futures without the underlying asset.

Futures Broker:

An individual or a firm, who gives orders to buy or sell particular commodity contracts for his or her customers, is known as a "Futures Broker". The future broker[4] earns commission for providing this service.

What is the meaning of deposits and withdrawals in Forex Trading?

They solve withdrawal requests in next 48 hours of business working hours of receipt of the request.

What is the meaning of Spread in Forex Trading?

Forex bonuses:


Regular promotion given to registered and existing clients and new clients on the website of Forex trading market is called "Forex Bonus". There is no commitment for such bonus other than having a legal registration on the website. There are different types of Forex bonuses. Some ask for deposits in your account to earn a bonus. Let us find out different types of bonuses:

Freebies, Volume bonus, Rebates, Rewards, Demo Contest, draw Bonuses, Live Contests, refer-a-friend bonus is other types of bonuses available in Forex market.