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What are Basic Blackjack Strategy?

Even those who do not have blackjack strategy is almost nothing, they are aware of the fact that the experienced players have a much better chance of winning the game. And this is the reason that people learn blackjack strategy so that they can significantly reduce the house edge. In fact, you can reduce the house edge of 0.5% Blackjack basic strategy perfectly. This means that there is a picture of a few things you should keep in mind Blackjack strategy.

What are the simple tips of playing blackjack:

If only someone to remember a few simple tips to try before the marker, you can reduce the house about 1% of those blackjack tips:

  • The impact of up to 17 - if the dealer's first card of 9 or higher, you have to dial long as there is at least one 17th
  • Dealer upcard 4-6 - Discount weakest when they fall 4-6 pages. If this is so, then the disk 12 and upward each time, and then double-A-4 or better each time.
  • Dual - twice if 10 or more at the time of the first map of the dealer 9 or less; If the two times 11 downwardly, when the first card for the dealer 10, or less.
  • Split aces and 8 - Although there are other couples who share based on the first card a dealer can only split Aces and 8, and share them, no matter what the dealer's first card.

What is Blackjack Strategy Card ?

Despite the fact that much faster, blackjack strategy based game of memory, it is highly recommended that you first make a blackjack strategy card, because they say that we are moving in that, depending on the score and the first card vendor. For example, if you have 16 and the dealer's card is not a 6, you have to stay[1] and have to do this show. You can find these maps a simple Internet search to buy or casinos that do not have any excuse not.

What are Blackjack Rules low

Make sure that the blackjack table where you play with a 3: 2 payout blackjack and the dealer must stand on soft 17, although there are other minor rules, which can reduce the house edge, the two largest and most frequently, so you should look for the desktop, where you can play blackjack the current rules[2], the house edge goes to a final 0.5% and 1.8%. As you can see, it's a big difference!

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