Author:Vishal Doshi

How To Play Live Dealer Casino Blackjack?

Although the advent of online Blackjack is certainly impressive, some people strive for realistic blackjack experience. Write live casino blackjack, video streaming is a real person, and the cards featuring the ability to chat with other players. Live Dealer Blackjack gives players the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a real casino without ever leaving home. If you are interested in the experience, here's what you need to know about live dealer casinos to play blackjack.

City ​​Of Paris

Specialist normal blackjack online should be a little more difficult to adapt to the live dealer blackjack games. The hand starts the player the choice of how much you want to set; Paris to choose the right amount of virtual chips, and put the room in Paris.


If all of this was in Paris, the dealer deals the cards of all the players. After the first operation, the dealer goes around the table and ask, what kind of decision for each player; at this stage, players can choose to hit, stand, double or split (as a couple). Players who decide to double or split, where the vendor to process the rest of the cards. According to the results, which are paid or profits are virtual chips. If the hand is completed, the new round of betting begins, and hands.

The Chat Feature

  • Many online casinos offer players the opportunity to discuss the dealer and other players in the hand at times. There is a chat box feature in corner and meet the players what they have to say on the box. Messages are routed through Live Dealer Blackjack casino and they have spoken to the players. In addition, some casinos allow players to talk to the blackjack table to the other.
  • Cat very strict rules to live dealer casino since some people tend to abuse the privilege of saying offensive things. These measures may result in the player chat facility blocked a temporary permit or repeated violation of the live casino. Some live dealer casino let it completely eliminates the hassle of chat feature, which puts the stamp of experience in any case. In this case, you can only see the dealer and a live-action game, rather than to talk about.