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Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch Geoff was a fun club hall is planned and approved since 2009. This is the black version of the game where both hands are treated differently in every situation. This allows the player to trade cards with two hands, which is generally regarded as an exemplary anti-doping movement reproductions of standard cards. Two players in the Paris of the same size, and you need to successfully pass another card with both hands. Here, the merchant pays 22 results on all hands to push it, do not stick to the busted cash. Common bats paid 1: 1 instead of the normal 3: 2 This is a challenging tower, which greatly improves the chances of winning hands is much more complex drives every time you play.


Ordinary checks Blackjack, Blackjack Switch can be used. As part of the 6 or 8 decks of cards are used to play the club is usually used. Most of the land of game sites, dealer hit a fine 17 In any case, the trader is sometimes a fine of 17 cards to your player. If a player has a feature blackjack, then the hand is a push. Thus every hand, the player loses if the dealer does not appear black. The player has two types: both cards. The player also has two types: after separation. Re-sections may be up to four hands.

The Tenet Dealer 22

This principle must compensate unexpectedly favorable policies Blackjack Switch. At this time, the seller, the last 22, it is the momentum, when the player holds the 21 or less. The Merchant lose just 22 when the player holds the key function.

1:1 Victory Regular 21

1:1 payout is a very important feature of the policy is playing hostess. Most of the players have fun incarnation, this principle must be regarded as disappointing. The Directive harmonizes conditions favorable to many players; Thus, the range of degrees in the middle of the road. Similarly, taking into account all technical, it is important to know that black diversion seems to pay much less.

Exchange Rules

Assuming that the estimated trend of 21 consolidated results on a map, is not considered to be a function, but the "21". In this case, the dealer 21 to win the hand. Lounge, in Paris for two players similar to Blackjack Switch, which is another deviation from the rules of copies attractions. Players need to focus on the store, it is equivalent to Paris with both hands. Without the one hand, on the other hand just unstoppable your initial investment back. So you can exchange cards, the player must try, two digital hands.

House Edge

The house advantage Blackjack Switch considerably lower than the high of 21, when the basic principles are the same. Take a very different arrangement of trading standards can be very trying. The market is particularly hated among the 22 standard players. Characters Players Club area is available, and online gaming clubs. Now large organizations Programming Club games including Microgaming and Playtech have disrupted their interpretation.

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Gives Tips and Advice

Among the ideas that the dealer 22 runs he needed some hands on black exemplary nice to meet you. As such, it should have more power given the fact that the dealer is that they often do not go bankrupt. The player must be careful when distributing more than 7 proves they felt a strong hand. The dealer's hand seems clueless when it proves that the 3-6. If the seller is two, it is not as low as we plan, because 22 does not bust the dealer.

He believes that if a player is 18-20 lashes and summarizing the dealer's card is a 10-something, and wait for a second card, he / she should be firm in Paris. Separately, it is likely that you have 20 and the dealer shows a further seven games[1] is a good way to improve your luck.